Immersive Casino Experience

These slots are notyour grandma’s one-armed bandits.Today’s casino games are interactive and immersive.Casino gambling is moving to the next level.DR. ROBERT HUNTER: The ability to gamble on your phone,the ability to gamble through your TV set,that makes me a little nervous,just because that’s never happened before.JERRY BAUERKEMPER: My prediction is in the next 10 or 15 years,our millennial’s will be out of the casinosand on the phones gambling.But our older adults are still, they’re land-based,they’re walls-and-concrete gamblers.ELIZABETH: I won a jackpot of $35,000 one time.It was always the draw of, can it happen again?It did, it does.And so that kept me going.NARRATOR: As the gambling industryzeroes in on millennial’s,older players continue to put millions into a proven,highly addictive technology,the slot machine.

BAUERKEMPER: The odds are so much stacked against you.ELIZABETH: I pretty much started dippinginto my 401K at age 59 1/2.I’ll be 63 next month.NARRATOR: Gambling is fun entertainment for most.But for those that are addicted, it can be destructive.BAUERKEMPER: If you’re a million dollars in,is there a jackpot out there that you can winthat’s gonna get you out from underneath that?Then you have to take bigger bets,and so you get deeper and deeper.DON FEENEY: You can make the argument that the generationthat is most susceptible for develop gamblingas a problematic behavior are baby boomers.(quiet, intense music)(quiet, intense music)JERRY BAUERKEMPER: Older adults have more time,more resources, than younger adults,and they are more willing to go places, socially.Young people are stuck on their phone at winward casino sa.That’s how they socialize.They play games, they talk to each other with Twitter.Older adults many times use casinos,bingo parlors, keno places, as social places.It’s a place to go, it’s my night out.Wouldn’t you go someplace where everyone was like you?And so they’re all congregating there.(slot game chimes)(upbeat tropical music)NARRATOR: Online video slots aregaining popularity with today’s older adults.Slots consistently ranked in the top 10 in app stores.

Social games offer free play,and entice users to pay for extras.Social casino games have a $3.4 billionemerging market, according to industry research.Free games, like Candy Crush and Angry Birds,seem destined for the casino betting floor.BAUERKEMPER: The next hybrid of gambling will bekind of a mix between gaming, the Candy Crushes,and gambling, the online, you know,slot machines, or the online poker games.We’re morphing to a game where casinoscan have it on their floor, and on their apps,and so we’re moving slowly from buildings to phones.As we all get more comfortable,and I’m in that older adult age, 55 and older,I’m getting more and more comfortableusing my phone for everything.And so, it’s not a big step as we age,and as basically the apps get easier to use,we will make that transition to your phone.