Early History of Gambling

Gambling is one of the earliest activities of men. There have been many evidences found in many archeological sites that have suggested this. There was even one dig up which suggested that cavemen where gamblers. Archeologists have found objects which look similar to a dice and are made from the dog’s ankle. There were even drawings around the caves that depicted games. This can serve as proof that there were some forms of gambling activity there.

Two thousand three years ago before Christ the Chinese invented a game which employs tiles. One thousand one hundred years after the soldiers in Greece made a game using dice but back then this was not legal. In ancient Egypt in a place called Thebes dice were found made from ivory. Archaeology has even found many ancient objects in Rome, Japan, India and China.

In the early years of Roman emperor named Claudius had to request for another design for the carriage he rides on so that he can accommodate his dice. Caligula even had to confiscate the properties of his knights to pay for the debts he owed because he gambled a lot. When Jesus dies some soldiers even gambled for his clothes after He died. There was a time when a law during the empire of Rome ordered every child to learn gambling and throwing dice.

In the fourteenth century on the reign of King Henry the eight banned gambling because the soldiers were gambling instead of exercising and learning how to fight. He was also a gambler. Early America’s native inhabitants believed that their gods invented some games with luck. They played with dice and stones colored plum. They made a simple betting system while they played. Some games were about what will the condition of their harvests be. They also betted on what cure to give some of their sick members.

In USA some wars were supported by major lotteries. In 1793 George Washington even bought the very first lottery ticket. In the early years of 1800’s there were almost five hundred lotteries all over the country offering big prizes. It has become a good way to raise funds which carried on even in the following century.

In the 19th century many new places emerged because of the lure and profitability of gambling. New gambling towns were built like riverboats. Gambling was sometimes legalized. They used gold back then. The men who gamble always for money were termed “sharpers”.

Gambling is certainly an activity even our ancestors used to do. It is a fact of life that betting is one activity that people eventually learned because life just like gambling is about taking risks.