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SML Movie: Jeffy’s Pokemon Card!

*sigh* Junior: Cody I’m bored what do you want to do tonight. [Cody: Oh, I have an idea! Junior: What?]

[Cody: Lets Pokemon Battle! I already brought my cards!] [Junior: Pokemon battle!?] [Cody: Yeah! And I’ll go first!

BOOM! Wailord! Beat that, Junior.] [Junior: Woah! Cody, I didn’t know they put your mom on a Pokemon card!] [Cody: *upset sigh* Junior, can we go at least one day without you making a joke about my mom being fat?]

[Junior: I never said your mom was fat Cody. I called her a whale. Cody: Junior, that’s you calling my mom fat!] [Junior: No,no, no! YOU called her fat.

and if you want to say your mom’s fat, she’s definitely fat.] [She’s fatter than anything in the world. Cody: J-junior!

Whatever. I’ll just put down another card. Here. Machamp.]

[He used to be Machoke, but I don’t let him do that anymore. Junior: He looks so cool…] [WAIT EW! ..Why is it sticky?] [Cody: Because I came( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) back from the bakery after eating doughnuts and cupcakes….] [And then I touched the card so that’s] [why it’s sticky.] [Junior: Oh, yeah, you should take] [better care of your cards. Cody: Yeah] Junior: What other cards do you have Cody?

Cody: Let’s see I got a Nidohunk. He’s sticky too, those darn doughnuts. And then I got a Muk, spell that backwards, that’s what was on the first two cards ( ͡ಠ ʖ̯ ͡ಠ) and then I got Diglett who…looks like something I want to put in my mouth.

Junior: Oh, well, those are some pretty cool cards Cody! Cody: Well. Where are your cards Junior?Junior: Oh?-OH YEAH! I have the coolest cards ever Cody. hold on let me go get them They’re super cool better than your stupid cards Cody: o-ok? Junior: all right Cody.

Are you ready to see the coolest pokemon cards ever Cody: okay? Junior:Yeah, go ahead. Take a look Cody: Alright. Junior: get jealous you have poliwag Poliwhirl poliwrath and politoed, uh-huh well Poliwrath is kinda hot, but other than that.

I’m not impressed. You’re not impressed?! No…? Turn the page get impressed. Okay?

Junior you have so many Polly’s ಠ_ಠ yeah, I do what? Junior look at this. This is ridiculous. I know it is oh my god Junior. You have all the Polly’s all the Polly’s you take that back because you know what I’m missing one what really which one I’m missing politoed EX. Yeah Politoed EX.

He’s the most rarest Polly of them all and I don’t have him, Cody. I’ve been opening up hundreds and hundreds of packs, and I’ve never gotten the politoed EX. Wow.

Yeah I’d kill for that card. Jeffy: Hey guys, who wants their nips pierced? $5.00 you know what? Make it twelve. I’m down.

Jeffy, do you have any Pokemon cards? Pokemon cards? What is that?

Oh, Pokemon cards are these cool monsters on them again. I’ve got Muk on mine. *gasp* I wan’t some Pokemon cards! Where do I get ’em? Well go ask your dad for some Pokemon cards. But what if we said no?

Well then scream and yell at him. You know what Junior? You’re right. Yeah, he’ll eventually give them to you.

*sigh* I would do anything for a Politoed EX. Hey daddy, can you buy me some Pokemon cards? Pokemon cards? Jeffy I’m not buying you Pokemon cards. Well, let me break it down for your daddy.

What? Break it down? If you say yes…

Happy Jeffy (no screaming). But, if you say no… sad Jeffy (scream my head off). *Good Idea Jeffy* Jeffy, I don’t want to buy you Pokemon cards. So is that our yes or no, daddy? *sigh* It’s a no, Jeffy.

*sigh* Well, you asked for it daddy… *deep inhale* AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Hey guys, I got a pack of Pokemon cards. You got a pack of Pokemon cards?

Yup, sure did. Well, open ’em up Jeffy. Yeah, open ’em up. You do it. Alright, let’s open these baby’s up. All right, let’s see what we got here.

What type of cards did he get? Let’s see. He got a Caterpie. Caterpie? Cater-pee pee. You got a Magikarp Oh, a fishy!

You got Machop, oh, this one’s kinda hunky. Uh, Jeffy can I have this card? I don’t care. Okay That’s so cool!

You got a Chimchar. *gasp* A mister monkey card?! Hey mister monkey what doin? You got a Pikachu. Pikachu?! Oh my god, jr.. What?

It’s just a Pikachu. No jr. Look! [He got a politoed EX!] *Lucky Jeffy* [POLITOAD EX?!]

[OH MY GOD!! THAT’S THE RAREST POLLY IN THE WORLD! !] It’s the only one I’m missing.

It’s the rarest card in the world. Cody give it to me! Give it to me No, it’s Jeffy’s card you have to ask him! Well he won’t care!

He gave you the Machop! Jeffy can I have the Politoed EX? No!

That’s a froggy card! That’s my favorite! Cody, give me the froggy card! *But Jeffy Junior Wants It* Nononononono!

Jeffy! Jeffy! I need that card!

Look-look-look! I have all the Poly’s in the world I have every single polly in the world and that’s the only one I’m missing. I need that card!

No, Junior, this card looks like it tastes good Nononono! D-d-don’t chew on it! Look! Look! Why?

I’ll trade you any card you want I’ll trade you a whale card is it jr.. That’s my card! Cody! Cody! Please Let me trade of those cards. I’ll do anything you want!

anything…? anything! I’ll hold you to that all right Jeffy eeyagh you want this whale court. I’ll trade you that whale card for it No, I like the froggy card.

It’s my favorite one. No! No!

Please! I’ll give you anything. I’ll give you anything I’ll give you any of my toys. I’ll give you uh anything.

Um… I’ll think about it. Oh No! Don’t chew on it!

Cody! I need that card. I need it, Cody! Well, it’s Jeffy’s card. He can do whatever he wants with it.

Oh, yeah I have to find the way to get it! x2 OK, Jeffy I’ll give you my Thomas for the Politode EX. You see my kitty-cat glasses, Junior?

It got in my Happy Meal. Wh-yeah I see it. Meow. Well look, i’ll give you my Thomas for the Politode EX. (2nd time) I said I would think about it, Junior.

Wh-how long did you take for think about it? 5 minutes. We’ll where’s the Politoed EX? Oh it’s right here under my drink. WHY WOULD YOU PUT UNDER YOUR DRINK?! So the table wouldn’t get wet.

Well- it can’t the card get wet! Why? BECAUSE IT WOULD DESTROY IT!

Oh I want the chicken nuggets. Make sure it nothing happens to it. *gasp* What’s that, Mr. Froggy? You said you’re hungry? Well, have a chicken nugget.

*grunt* (Jeffy You Are Making It Worse) *loud screaming* Jeffy! Jeffy! Go wash it in the sink!

(x2) W-Wuh– Okay, Junior! Rinse it off, but don’t put a lot of water because it ruin it just put a little bit of water, okay a little bit *Both Screaming* DRY x5 Is it safe? Looks like it Junior.

Oh thank God! I thought it was destroyed. OK Jeffy so I can please have the card now? I don’t know Junior. I still really like it.

I love it, and I really need it for my collection, and uh did you know that um, today’s my birthday and nobody got me anything for my birthday and that’s the only thin that I ever want for my birthday. (Junior, it’s not your birthday) Today’s your birthday, Junior? Uh-yeah. It is, yeah.

I’ll be right back. Hold on. Oh, really? Oh boy!

x4 Happy birthday to you. (JEFFY, THE CARD IS ON FIRE!) *Insert SpongeBob inference* AHHHHHHH!!! JEFFY WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!

JUNIOR I WASN’T DONE SINGING THE SONG YET!!! *Both arguing* Just please give me the card. I don’t know what I want to do with it yet! I really want it though. Let me tell you something Hold this, Poopy-Butt.

(Puts It In Poop-Butts Mouth) I have something to tell you shut your mouth listen I wear a diaper on the outside of my pants And I have a pencil up my nose for crying out loud! And I wear a bicycle helmet on top of my– Jeffy! The dog is chewing– Junior, I’m talking! I wear a bicycle helmet on top of my head!

And sometimes I don’t even ride my bike! Have my name on my shirt! And sometimes I still forget it, Junior! So, when you go and asking me to make a decision on something as important as a Pokemon card, you need to consider how busy my life really is.

Th-the dog is still chewing on it though! Oh. Spit it out, poopy-butt! *growls* It’s all bent, Jeffy! Oh, whoops. I can fix it!

Jeffy! That’s a blender! You’re gonna destroy the card!

Junior, let me explain something to you this thing makes smoothies so it makes things smooth, so don’t make the card smooth again Junior No it’s not, Jeffy! It’s gonna destroy it! Allow me to demonstrate. (Jeffy Turns On Blender) *screaming* AHHH!

JEFFY! x7 What? I don’t even want it any more, Jeffy!

You destroyed it! I don’t even want it any more! *sobs* I really want the politoed EX. Um… Junior. W-What, Jeffy?

I’ve been thinking about it a lot, and I’ve finally decided what to do with the card. What? I think we should share it. Share it? Like-like-like I have it for a few days and you have it for a few days?

[No. This is what I was thinking, Junior. Let’s see… In the middle here…] [*screams* NO!NO! Alright, Junior.

Here’s your half. And here’s my half.] (Jeffy You Cut The Card And Its Broke) (Rip politoed EX) (IT BROKE…


* W H E E Z E * What’s wrong, Junior?] Jeffy. Jeffy destroyed his politoed EX. And-uh (x3) And I really wanted it. *quick breathing* (lololololol what are you, junior?

a monkey?) [*spits w/ tongue*] [Well guess what, Junior. What? I have a politoed EX!]


[Got off eBay for like 5 bucks] [Yeah turns out it’s really not that rare or special you can just buy any card on eBay for like 5 bucks] [I mean, there’s no point even getting a pack you could just buy the card you want] [And then you got it for f-f-five bucks?] [Yeah, there’s like a ton of them on there] [C-can I have it?!] [No, if I remember correctly you said you would do *ANYTHING* for a Politoed EX. I will do anything. I’ll do anything I wanted! Okay.

Well. I’m down to Muk.] I try to make subtitles Logan plz like it ok thanks for being awesome Logan. I Subbed Logan and Hope you make a lot of money from youtube. Don’t listen to Age Restriction is just YouTube is not being nice.

Also Thanks For watching. Save SML from Age Restricted videos.

Betfair Trading: What key football stat do I use?

So there’s a football match coming up: you’re, looking at all of the stats and home team’s won four out of four the way teams lost four out of four, so you’re sort of thinking. Oh, maybe our favor, this team. What stats should you use if you’re looking at a football match?

That’S what I’m going to talk about in this video click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel you’ll, get instant notification of new videos as they’re released. So if you go to a website like the BBC Sky, pretty much anybody now you’ll see at the bottom of a match preview. You know key stats, it says, and the key stats will say something like so-and-so has won when they played away at this venue. They haven’t lost or they haven’t won, or it’s been a you know, a large number of draws, or they don’t score this many goals and all these key stats pop up at the bottom, telling you things that are relevant to that particular match, but they’re not because Generally, the stats are historical items that bear no relevance to the match.

That’S in front of you matches between teams vary and interlock in quite complex ways and looking at historic results such as you find on websites or at the bottom of summaries and match previews and stuff, like that. Very often don’t bear any relevance to the outcome of the particular result, so you’ll be interested to know that I don’t use them it’s interesting really, because if you go back many years ago, I started digging around inside football interests and try to understand how football matches Should be priced and had the outcomes of matches occur and the thing that was surprisingly, it was like discovered all sorts of little interesting things and I wrote to a magazine and said all you know. Would you like to do an article on this and I got a letter back basically saying no, because it’s incredibly dull a mean and interesting a you look at stats today and they’re everywhere, there’s so many of them you’re.

Sometimes sport for choice and there’s just hundreds of sites detailing loads of stuff, but unfortunately most of it is completely irrelevant. Unfortunately, and part of the reason for this is that most of the stats that generated a based upon historical data, they inherited bias in the way that they’re interpreted, but also the creation of these stats is there to stimulate you to do something. So, typically, you know people offer bet stimulus services where they throw stats.

A house that will get people to actively engage just like so-and-so has done this. It’S like oh yeah, so they have right. I’Ll have a fiver on that and that’s where a lot of their stats come from they’re, not actually interested in the prediction of the outcome of the match at all.

Really and the fact is most people aren’t most people just can’t be bothered to go through that pain and suffering. That comes with accurately trying to predict the outcome on a ferment. They just want some simple little stats and then they’ll jump on them and away. They go now. The fact is that there is an underlying core that sits within a football match that allows you to pick out any number of different types of interesting statistics from the match. So using two variables I can actually describe the chance of the home team.

Winning any of the correct scores, the away team winning the chance of a draw when their first goal is likely to be scored. If that first goal is scored by whom, if the home team is one and a half time, it will describe the chance of the away team coming back into the match. At some point there I had the number of corners, the number of likely shots, on-target yeah, but ever they’ve of it just two variables describe the whole thing, but you very rarely see people actually talking about them in any great deal of information. But before I talk about those, let’s go back to where we suffer from in terms of the historical stats, so let’s say we have an unlimited deck of cards.

Let’S say that we can just deal as many cards as to like infinitely into the future. There’S an infinite pack. If we keep turning over those cards, it’s very likely likely at some point a sequence will occur so we’ll go black red black black red red red black black black black black black black, black, black red red, red red red red red red. But the fact is that every time that sequence occurs, when you turn the next card in an infinite deck of cards, there’s no increased chance of a black or a red.

It’S completely random as long as you’ve shuffled the deck and there’s no funny business going on now. I’Ll actually got a great follow-up. Video to show you how I get completely random deck of cards can sort of be made under and’im by well.

I won’t go into depth as to how it’s done, but basically I guarantee you if I show you this method, you can win money from anybody, despite the fact that the turn of the next card is completely random and it’s all part to do with the way That people mix up sequences, but also you know the gamblers. Fallacy is a common thing, that’s described in mathematics and probability, and it’s basically the feeling that if you have a sequence of long periods of red or black, that somehow that influence is the outcome of the next turn of the card. And the fact is, it doesn’t just the same as when you’re in the roulette, and there are six blacker blacks come up, it doesn’t influence the outcome of the next red or black and, as a consequence, the gamblers fallacy permeates permanently. You know a string of winning favorites people start betting on the eighth favorite. A string of losers will alter people’s behavior, but the fact is that what’s happened in the past does not necessarily predict what’s going to happen in the future, but a lot of people will bet on it and that’s where the stats on football do lead.

You astray, because they’re designed to stimulate you to perform an action, and that is because of the sequencing of patterns and trends within it when in fact, that’s an irrelevance in terms of where you’re going to predict the next match. So what are the two key variables that I use to predict everything within a football match? Well, it’s really simple: it just boils down to goals. How many goals is the home team gon na score?

How many goals is the away team gon na score? Because if you can accurately predict both of those things which you can do, then everything works out from within them. So if the home team is going to score X, number of girls in their way team’s going to score Y, if that, if the way team scores a goal, then that metric is still present within the match and then the home team is expected to score this. Many goals and therefore the chance of them coming back into the match, is going to be related to the difference between goals between the two teams and how many goals have been scored and how much time is left on the clock. So you can actually predict all of that just using then of goals that home team scores and the amount of girls in the waiting school.

So when I do the football ratings, that’s what I’m doing, I’m working through all of the detail in terms of how many girls are likely to be allocated to the home team, how many are likely to be allocated the way team and how many going to be Scored overall and from that key information, everything spins off of that. So if you don’t believe me well, I’ve been doing it, for god knows how many years and it works beautifully. But the fact is most stat sites are not focused on that at all. So if you know how many goals are likely to scored, you can forecast nil-nil one or two nil.

Three nil. You can group all of those scores together to create the match odds market over and unders, and then you can start to look at other things, such as when the time of goal is going to occur and if a goal occurs at this time. What’S the likelihood of another goal at this point until the end of the match so yeah? If you’re gon na research and look at football in great depth, then I suggest that’s where you put your focus in studying intensely how many goals are going to be scored and who is likely to score them. Look at these scoring stats ignore the results, because the results don’t really tell you that much information, because it could have been played against any number of teams and you can go many many levels deeper. But when you look at football essentially, what I do is just focus on the number of goals that are likely to be scored and who’s going to score them.

That tells me absolutely everything that I know from that. I can predict its time of first goal. What happens if a goal goes in what the chance of the other team coming back into it when the match is underway? I then start looking to see if my projection before the match is matching what I’m actually seeing during the match, because if it isn’t, is whether, if it isn’t, then I need to reassess everything that I’ve done and look at it from a different angle. If the match is turning out differently from what I originally forecasted so yeah when you’re looking at football, you can pretty much ignore all sorts of other stats, such as teams, beginning with the letter B, tend to be teams beginning with the letter.

L, because it’s an irrelevant so the fact that so-and-so has won X amount of times in a row or hasn’t won on this ground for 20 years. What you need to do is focus right in on those basics, and that will give you everything that you need to know just excessively fork. What’S going to happen in a football match, please like or dislike the video or leave a comment below that will allow me to produce better videos and more of them in the future.

Free Spins Popper

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